Summer bodies are made in winter

 Start living a healthy lifestyle

By Emily Mudzibo

19 July 2015

This is to all who love their bodies. They say health is wealth, so let’s take care of our bodies before we have healthy problems. Usually in winter I slack when it comes to working out because of the cold but the irony is “Summer bodies are actually made in winter.” It is now that all the hard work needs to be done so that when spring comes we won’t we afraid to let some flesh out because we have piled a bit of weight.

I watch a lot of weight loss shows from “Biggest Looser” , to “Boot camp Mzansi”,which are an inspiration to me for the people will not only be fighting for weight loss but price money. It gives you an insight on how to take care of your body because finding yourself in a position where you can’t breathe or walk well because of weight is not good.

After my pregnancy, I gained a bit and told myself will start eating well and working out, I almost had an eating disorder because I did not know how well to trim the fat. Eating disorder comes with diseases such as   Anorexia, when you will regret on what you have become. Let’s stop being couch potatoes every chance we get we might skip, run the stairs or do planks or sit-ups in the comfort of our homes.

Talking about homes, it is in our kitchen that we lose weight and get fit in the gym/ home. It is what we eat that determines the weight we put on or lose. 80% is what we eat and 20% is in the gym.

Celebrities also see themselves taking part in the healthy leaving style. My inspiration comes from Boitumelo Thulo and Nonhle Ndala who have done so well in their transformation.

Don’t starve yourself, rather eat what you like but do portion control, summer is coming let’s glo