Pan Africanist Congress of Azania celebrated June 16


Pan Africanist Congress of Azania celebrated June 16


16 June 2015


Johannesburg-HUNDREDS of PAC members and leadership gathered at Constitution Hill, Hilbrow, Johannesburg in order to celebrate June 16 and to remember all students who died in 1976 during Soweto uprising. It was also aimed at to honour and commemorate Zeph Mothopeng who died in June 16, 1976.

President of PAC Alton Mpheti said, “June 16 should be linked with education from primary to tertiary level. Uncle Zeph, if he was still alive he will feel ashamed about what is happening in South Africa today. Uncle Zeph was one the respected comrade. June 16 was supposed to talk about Uncle Zeph and not to talk about others because he played a huge role to South Africans. We want to take PAC back on what it was before. We must not allow anyone to undermine PAC, because people died for PAC, some they lost their family members while sacrificing for us. I didn’t join the APLA as there was a long form to fill. I was just taught how to fight by other comrades. PAC has got a vision to take power from the ruling party in 2024”.

He urged all members who left PAC to come back and build their political part again as unity is the only thing which PAC is busy dealing with. He added that members of PAC who are underground must mobilise as it will help them to get more votes next elections.

Chairperson of PAC under Gauteng province comrade Lesiba Lekgwati addressed the masses and had this to say, “People want to mislead this day and keep saying ruling party is the one which fought for this day. PAC is the one which fought for 16 June” he said.

President of PAYCO (Pan Africanist Youth Congress) Comrade Smoll Zondo Thabani, who also attended the event said, “The youth led the programme of June 16. PAC is the ones who organised June 16 in 1976. The regime of Apartheid government continued to kill the members of PAC during apartheid era after the meetings the PAC held in order to change the ruling system” he said.

He also reminded the masses about the history of PAC as to know where they come from and on what they were fighting for under apartheid era. “The youth is challenged by the venue and we must remain unity as there is division amongst our leadership” he said. Zondo welcomed the family of Zeph Mothopeng who also graced the occasion.

Zeph’s daughter said, “People like former President of RSA, Nelson Mandela, Robert Sibukwe, Tsietsi Mashinini used to meet in my father’s home in order to have talks about what was happening at the time”.

National organiser of PAC and former President of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) who was expelled in 2010, Comrade Ditheko Clement Maredi said “PAC is a revolutionary organisation and I urge you members to remain united and assist our PAC to take the Azanian”.

Poems about freedom were read in order to entertain the masses.