AIP promotes sustainability of grassroots media

AIP promotes sustainability of grassroots media



15 June 2015

Johannesburg-THE Association of Independent Publishers (AIP) is there to promote grassroots media, a project manager said recently.

In an exclusive interview with JCT, Bongi Bozo said AIP represent 201 community media and assists them in lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, advisory services and training.

“The support is premised on the new environment that they work with. The objectives of AIP is to promote and protect freedom of expression and free press, provide management, editorial and business training, where possible any purchasing advantages through collective buying or a procurement agency and to encourage ownership, control and access to media by historically disadvantaged communities”, Bongi said.

She said that one of their focus areas on training is sustainability of the newspaper which she said was based on the majority needs of all the grassroots media. She added that that members need to understand how to balance editorial content and advertisements to sustain the paper. Bongi added that they were considering extending the scope of their training into digital media which is the new trend in media.

AIP is the only industry umbrella association for Southern African grassroots independent print sector with a membership of more than 230 publications. AIP has a seat on the Print Media South Africa (PMSA), which engages in all matters concerning the whole industry.

Members are located in Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. For one to become a member they must have printed the publication for at least 3 months.