How far do you know or trust your nanny?


How far do you know or trust your nanny?


When the days are good.

08 June 2015

By Emily Mudzibo

EVERY mother wants the best care of their children hence will go as far as possible to achieve that. Sometimes there is no time to do background checks and you will find anyone as long as your baby has someone to stay with. In these cases, where no proper interviews have been conducted, kidnappings occur, therefore background checks are important.

In recent months traumatic incidents where seen circulating the social media of nannies who abused children under their custody. In Ghana and here in South Africa, Carte Blance aired an incident of a Welkom based nanny who abused a small baby boy beating him up which also left a lot of people wondering how would be the best way to keep their babies safe.

A lot of parents have resorted to cameras to trace every moment of the nanny’s behaviour in their absence but this has drawn a lot of criticism.

Thembinkosi Kwambana had this to say, “I don’t despise the use of cameras because as mothers we want the best for our babies and not have new faces all the time with different languages, way of doing things which will end up confusing the baby. I also want to know what happens to my baby if I am not around but also the fear of the unknown takes the best out of me. Sometimes having faith with who you stay with is the best”, said Kwambana.

Lucy Kanyuchi believes not having cameras at home leads helpers to take advantage of abusing the babies.

Pontso Mokhorane said respect was more important than anything else. “Unfortunately I had to let my nanny pack and go, because she took advantage of my age and disrespected me. I was her boss after all, there could not be two mistresses in a home. She took my groceries without my approval, which made me sad after all I did for her, it is however not acceptable, as much as she was good to my baby, I had to let her go” Said Pontso.

A source who wanted to remain unknown said she believed that it is sometimes the “madam bosses” who push nannies to the extent of treating the baby badly.

Farai Kadziya said “I have never used cameras am not sure am going to, I recently changed my nanny due to incompetence but I believe if you treat them good they will return the favour. The one I have has been here for two months now, when I sometimes get in town and see nice shoes I buy for her just for gratitude. I do interviews to see if one is right for the job. It’s scary now to just hire without knowledge of a person, all in all nannies are humans like us they just need to be treated good as you would expect in your workplace” said Kadziya.

Kuziwa Benzi said, “I have issues with trust, so to avoid disappointments, I take my children to creche at very tender age until they reach a stage where they can talk and tell how their day have been.”

Kuziwa believes if put in a situation where she needs a nanny, she will opt for hidden cameras, “I will definitely put hidden cameras just to know how my child is treated when am at work. I guess it depends on the level of trust the nanny has for me, I have trusted creche more than nanny. That’s where I took my first child as I finished school. I’ am for day cares rather than nannies” said Kuziwa.

However after all is said and done, each mother has her own opinion about their nannies due to the experience faced before. It will take many years to come to conclusion, as to know who is right for the job to look after a baby. Interviews hereby should be a must in order to get a good insight about a person. The use of hidden cameras should be an individual decision based on experience.

Looking after a baby should not come as a job title, but must be in you, in your heart that you are capable of doing good and not let your problems with your boss affect the child.

Trust is a big issue to give to someone whom you have never stayed with, or have any background information but for someone who will be staying with your baby, it’s needed as it gives yourself peace the time you are away for long. How you treat another human being determines how your child will be treated as well.

Look out for the reply from the nannies!!!!!!!