IMG-20150607-WA0005IMG-20150607-WA0003IMG-20150607-WA0006 IMG-20150607-WA0010IMG-20150607-WA0000 The remains after the fire and the food items that were donated by EFF and community members.

June 8, 2015

By: Immanuel Mushavhela

ROSETTENVILLE villagers got shocked at around 00: 30AM on the 06th of June 2015 when Wexford flat got burnt to ashes by fire caused by a candle. The event took place at Corner Daisy and Albert Street after the electricity was allegedly switched off by Eskom officials.

Priscilla Mukonda and her son Martin passed away on the scene of fire. Priscilla’s husband tried to rescue his family but only managed to save lives of his other two kids by throwing them out through the window. The father jumped down by the window and got injured together with the kids. It was unfortunate for Priscilla because she was also trying to help her son but both of them couldn’t make it as the fire was too strong.

The neighbors tried to help but the fire spread over into their places as well. Mr Hosea and his family were amongst helpers but it was also unfortunate too as their flat also caught fire. These two families were next door to the Mukonda’s flat and hence lost everything that was inside their flat.

One of the eye witness, Mrs Johanna Mapeko said, “Two units were burnt down completely and the entire complex is also affected. The survivors are in serious condition. The fire was caused by a candle that was left overnight lighting since there was no electricity. We phoned fire fighters to come and help us but they arrived late” she said. She also revealed that “the building does not comply with healthy and safety rules as there is no any safety equipment which we were supposed to use in order to fight the fire”.

The neighbors were using water to try to stop the fire but could not help due to strength of the fire. Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leadership and its members under Sub-Region F were seen in numbers, on the 07th of June in order to help the two families who lost their loved ones and the place they call homes. Hence on, community members of Rosettenville together with EFF leadership also donated food, clothes and blankets.

EFF and the community urged the society to help these two families with the following items: 4 years old girl clothes; size 36 for the mother and 32 for the father. They also need help on bed, blankets, and cutlery as well food. Clothes are also needed for father size 36; 3 years old girl and 12-13 year boy. Those willing can also assist with non-perishable food and cosmetics.

Help can also be offered assisting the family of victims on the memorial services and other arrangements.

The owner of the building offered a bachelor flat for one of the victims’ family to stay there for now. Eskom officials could not be reached for comment.

Anyone who is willing to help can contact Mrs Johanna Mapeko: 071 1980 596