May 2015


By: Mushavhela Immanuel


Johannesburg-Mr Nengwekhulu Lufuno Prince is one of the thousands who practice and survive through informal sector in Johannesburg CBD. He has his own small space at Wanderers and Corner Bok streets near Park station Hotel.

He started his small business in April 2005. “I used to work at a spares shop to sell motor vehicle parts, but the wages were too low and I was working more hours during that time”.

Lufuno told Joburg Central Times readers that his main reason for starting his own business was because he was earning low wages and couldn’t meet his family needs. He says since he started this business he has been doing very well to maintain his family.

“I have three children; two daughters and one son who depend on me” He said.

He survives through selling soft drinks, flavored water, still water, juice and a variety of fruits, as well as cigarettes, air time and toys for children.

He says his usual challenges are the consumers who steal from him while they come to his market and act like they want to buy while their main aim is to steal his goods.

“I want to see myself having my own shop which I can buy lot of products in order to supply my customers and community as for now I don’t have big space and my own specific place” Lufuno said.

Kindness Vhulenda Nesengani; one of Lufuno`s customers says he buys fruits and drinks at Lufuno`s market because he is clean and he keeps his products aesthetic and he is friendly to everyone, whether you are a customer or not. “I`ve never regretted supporting him as my support means a lot to him” he said.

Mr Lufuno said “I would like to advice South African citizens to start their own small business as it will also assist to combat poverty in our country rather than blaming foreigners that they are taking jobs. When government or private sectors have business workshop let us know as it will also help us who are still growing in the business sector”.

“I urge the society to wake up and do something than to sit down and blame the government for failing to create jobs. I believe that nothing can come to you if you don’t work for it, so South Africans let us use our minds to end poverty and corruption in our beautiful country” he said.

Mr Nengwekhulu Lufuno Prince born in Nngwekhulu, a village around Vuwani in the Limpopo Province and in a royal family and with a business background.