21 May 2015

By: Katlego Mokhethwa


Beauty is a lecturer, motivational speaker who loves literature and politics and is anticipating many great things in her life.

She grew up in Limpopo and has a very religious background that was greatly influenced by her mother who is a Christian. Beauty is now a lecturer for Public Administration at Damelin college in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The University of Johannesburg graduate who has obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science is also very fond of literature which has inspired her to write and publish a book titled “Victorious Destination With God”, the book has been currently published online. Victorious Destination With God is a motivational book and is greatly influenced by the personal relationship she has with her God. The book has been receiving great feedback from the readers. She has been receiving a lot of smses and whatsapp messages because of the contact details she printed on Victorious Destination With God, which was quite smart. Beauty has admitted that there were some challenges she faced before the release of her book. The challenges she faced was editing the book and limited amount of resources to print and publish a quality book. But that did not stop her though as she is a motivated person. She was not planning on publishing her second book this year but due to the great reception the first one received, a second book might be in the pipeline.

She believes one should not stop their dream of releasing a book when investors and relevant parties do not believe in your product. Beauty also mentioned that in order for a book to do well it must be well exposed and marketed because investors and companies want to” invest in something they know is going to work.”

Her life took a positive turn after reading the book titled “Be The Best”. The book dealt with how you could become anything in this life. Beauty was once huge in weight and the book motivated her to start jogging and if you look at her now, the results are amazing. The book also motivated her to start writing a proposal for her Masters Degree in Politics, which she is currently completing. This book titled “Be The Best” gave rise to many positive events in Beauty’s life.

Growing up as a young girl, Beauty always wanted to become a political analyst and hopes to work for the African Union someday. Wise words from her is that you “should put God first, work and study hard.”



  1. Thokozile Mokhoanatse said:

    The Woman is really good, i tell you, her book is so practical. Africa needs you to make a difference.May God bless you Beauty!!!

    • admin said:

      Thank you so much for such a motivating and encouraging remark.

  2. Ntombi said:

    Big up to Damelin, for grooming their students in such an articulate manner

    • admin said:

      Thank you very much. keep reading our online publication and don’t hesitate to guide us.