Results of the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

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Pic by:James Oatway

By: Staff Reporter

April 2015

For a moment, it seemed the freedom long fought for was slowly deteriorating. We once again had South Africa on its feet fighting for peace. It all started when internationals were being chased from Republic of South Africa accused of taking jobs. Many incidents aroused from this, but this was the most shocking, unexpected and uncalled for.

Emmanuel Sithole, a man from Mozambique who was a street vendor in a small township of Alexander, a few kilometres away from Johannesburg CBD, was stabbed to death.

We are Africans before we are South Africans” and we should live as such. As Joburg Central Times editorial team; we believe in ‘peace, unity and love’ filled generation. A simple act of implementing that could change our nation for the best.

Photographer James Oatway is the one who captured those pictures.

Joburg Central Times says NO TO XENOPHOBIA!!!