A bend is never an end

A Bend is never an end
“Accept, adapt and learn to live with change”

By ThavhanyedzaMulweli
LIFE is what we individually think it is; that comes with its fairness. Approach it with a negative attitude, the negatives reflect. Focus on the positives, and that is how your reflection will be like. But, that does not mean you should blind yourself to the negatives, they too exist for a reason. It is wise taking a glance at them and not fixing attention, which only pulls you down with them. It is even wiser making purposeful use of them, setting reference.
Life is like a wheel, they say. Like a globe, it rotates round the axis interchanging different planetpositions. The two planets, Earth and Jupiter will never be in the same position at the same time; as you will most probably never be in the very same stage of life with anybody else. Why then do you have to compare yourself with the next person?
You are in your special way adorably unique. The only way to reveal that is through self-understanding and acceptance. Accepting and understanding your uniqueness is the only key to unlock your real self. After all, nobody is perfect.
Uniqueness contains in it an imperfection that brings to existence the word “rise” in life. What is on its peak is at its highest point, with no room for a rise. You have to fall in order to rise; and when rising, a fall is expected again, thus imperfections to be perfected.
While I add it, the planet Earth is not always on its dark night, nor in its day light. Also, seasons change with time; it never stays summer, autumn, winter or spring throughout the whole year. How can you expect consistency in your life when even the world you live in is not?
Resistance to change seems to be the barrier. It is unfortunate that change is a normal thing that one cannot escape from. A simple act of ‘acceptance’ is all it requires. Accepting, adapting and learning to live with change are the only ways to survive this ever turning planet. Those were amongst the others, the key points of my ‘life definition’.